By all Standards The 2017 Men’s French Open was a “10”

Retro tennis is still the rage in 2017, thanks to Rafael Nadal. By all standards his performance at the 2017 Men’s French Open was a “10”.

• The Bible views “10” as a complete and perfect number. Nadal’s 10th championship at Roland Garros was “complete and perfect.” With this victory, he is 10-0 when he reaches the finals. The Spanish newspapers called his victory, “La Decima”.

Men's French Open• The highest score in Olympic competition is a “10”. If the Men’s French Open was an Olympic event, Nadal would have been given a “10”. He did not lose a set and only lost 35 games in 7 matches. He lost 6 games in the final against Stan Wawrinka, a match that lasted 2 hours and 5 minutes.

• In the movie “10”, George Webber (played by Dudley Moore) fantasized about meeting the perfect woman, Jenny Miles (played by Bo Derek). When Webber finally met her, he quickly learned she was a phony. Her looks did not tell the full story; she was not a “10”. Even Webber could quickly recognize that Nadal was a “10” for his record at the French Open. Nadal has 79 wins and only 2 losses.
Prior to his 2017 victory, Nadal captured his first 9 championships between 2005 and 2014.

This level of dominance is unprecedented in sports such as basketball, baseball, and football.
Between 1947 and 2017 the top NBA teams were:
• The Boston Celtics; they were 17-4 in the finals.
• The Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers; they had the most appearances, but they were 16-15 in the finals.
• The Chicago Bulls; they were 6-0 in the finals during the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen era.

Between 1903 and 2016 the MLB teams with the most World Series titles were:
• The New York Yankees were 27-13.
• The St. Louis Cardinals were 11-8.
• The Oakland Athletics were 9-5.
• The San Francisco Giants were 8-12.
• The Boston Red Sox were 8-4.

Between 1967 and 2017, there were 51 Super Bowls. The records of the top teams follows:
• The New England Patriots were 5-4.
• The Pittsburgh Steelers were 6-2.
• The Dallas Cowboys were 5-3.
• The Denver Broncos were 3-5.
• The San Francisco 49ers were 5-1.

No matter how you look at it, Rafael Nadal is a”10″ for his record at the French Open.

Even better, Nadal kept retro tennis alive! Hopefully the stars of the past will continue to dominate at Wimbledon next month.

2017 Men's French Open


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