Platform Tennis

A person relatively new to the sport of platform tennis may describe it in the following way:

  • It looks like miniature tennis in a chicken coop.
  • Four players (doubles) really clutter such a small area.
  • It looks like  a combination of tennis and squash.
  • Most platform tennis tournaments include parties. And most are really fun!
  • It is played outdoors in the winter on days when an intelligent person would normally stay indoors. Getting outdoors on a crummy day in December might actually be a good thing in Cleveland.
  • Platform tennis is a challenge because the balls can be played off the wires.
  • Some of the players really gag on big points because they only have  one serve.
  • It looks like fun!

The following pictures were taken at the R.J. Reilly platform tennis camps.  Participants enjoyed playing, receiving instruction, and sightseeing in and around Jackson.

There are many appealing aspects to the sport. First it is much easier to learn than sports such as golf or tennis. Second, the balls can be played off the wires, similar to squash. This is an equalizer that allows players of various levels to compete and have fun. Finally, the sport is played almost exclusively in doubles. As a result, it is much more social than tennis.