Industry Organizations – State and Other

CHSAA is the primary industry organization for high school tennis.
Colorado High School Activities Association
CHSAA is the state organization that oversees state high school athletic and academic programs.  They have two websites.
This is the official website for CHSAA’s member schools. There is a wealth of information on this website that is pertinent to parents who are interested in understanding the guidelines and rules that govern high school sports.
This is CHSAA’s website that  includes live coverage of some events, feature stories, photos, rankings, and statistics. In addition this site includes the CHSAA bylaws, i.e. the rules and regulations. Again, this is a must read document for tennis parents.

Other industry organizations are listed below.
Colorado Athletic Directors Organization
CADO is the organization for all high school athletic directors. It’s primary emphasis is the professional growth of its members. While the athletic directors influence decisions made in tennis, this is not the governing body for high school athletics.
Colorado Tennis Association
The CTA district is part of the United States Tennis Association. CTA manages adult and junior tennis programs for the state of Colorado.

There are also private sector tennis professionals who specialize in coaching coaches. The following have standout reputations for their training programs for high school coaches.
Coach Tennis Academy
Scott Enge

Scott is part of a family that is recognized for their coaching in the Kansas City area and the Missouri Valley USTA district.
USA Team Coaching
Bill Patton and Styrling Strother (email)
The duo are located in the Bay Area and have operate USA Team Coaching to address coaching needs in team settings.