Data Analysis and Mini-Studies

The section includes miscellaneous data analysis and mini-studies relating to sports and athletic programs.
Location of Athletic Link on PAC-12 Websites (2013)
The layout of most university websites is similar, with the distinguishing factor being the location of the content. This mini-study  shows there is a tendency for the PAC-12 schools with weaker football programs to place the link to their athletics program less prominently on their home page.  This raises a number of questions. “Was this done to draw less attention to their football programs? Was this done to focus more attention to academics? Was this just a coincidence?” While the study shows there is a relationship between the placement of the link to their athletic program and the win-loss record of the football them, there is no evidence this is a cause and effect relationship, i.e. it is most likely a coincident.
Gender, Age, and Income Categories by Sport (2013)
This mini-study was conducted to provide a better understanding of the participants in a select group of sports and leisure activities based on their gender, age, and income categories.  This type of data analysis can be used for marketing purposes or other business reasons. Demographics for the following sports are provided:

  • Aerobic exercising
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Exercise walking
  • Exercising with equipment
  • Golf
  • Skiing (alpine)
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

There is a belief that college sports programs should make it a priority to recruit American and in-state athletes. There are great arguments for and against that belief.
Residence of Top Players 2014 NCAA Elite Eight Basketball Team (2014)
The mini-study tracks the residence of the top players for the men’s and women’s basketball teams that played in the 2014 Elite Eight.
Residence of Top Players 2013-2014 PAC-12 Basketball Teams (2014)
This mini-study tracks the residence of the top players for the men’s and women’s basketball teams in the PAC-12 2013-2014 season.