High School Tennis Activities, Events, and Organizations that Promote the Sport

There are many great high school tennis activities and events that promote tennis in all states.  The following are examples of a few of those activities. They are presented in hopes that coaches can acquire ideas based on successful activities on other parts of the country.

Bill Patton and Styrling Strother recently started USA Team Coach to address coaching needs in team settings.
A high school tennis program ran a three-day grade school tennis camp as a fundraiser using the Quick Start teaching method.  An added benefit was that “learning by teaching” occurred. On another note,  the  USPTA Colorado district has worked with CHSAA since the 1980s to host an annual high school tennis coaches workshop.
Scott Enge has shared his knowledge about high school tennis with programs across the state.
Brett Hall is working with the coaches in Oregon to improve the quality of high school tennis. He and a group of coaches had a  Blast with their athletes.  The Blast is a tennis activity developed in Texas that supports tennis for players at all levels. In addition it supports activity outside the regular season.
There is a saying that things are always bigger in Texas. This is the case when it comes to high school tennis.
The Blast – 
Texas promotes tennis for athletes at all levels throughout the year.
Texas Tennis Coaches Association – TTCA hosts an annual tennis convention, conducts an annual survey, and does much more.
UIL – The University Interscholastic League  was created by the University of Texas at Austin in 1910 and has grown into the largest inter-school organization of its kind in the world.  Athletes have a chance to participate in tennis in the fall and team tennis in the spring.
UTR – Texas is has done a beta test of UTR that includes high school match results in the UTR rankings.

In addition to this activity at the state level, the following are examples of organizations who are also promoting tennis and acitivites for high school tennis players.

New Balance High School Championships
In 2014 New Balance and the USTA established a partnership to host the New Balance High School Championships.
The USPTA officially rolled out their high school coaches program in August 2015.
The USTA offers Junior Team Tennis and on-campus programs that high school players can play in during the off-season. These activities are designed for players who do not want to play in USTA tournaments.