Vintage Platform Tennis Videos

This section features vintage platform tennis videos from the 60s through today. They show how the equipment, attire, and technique have changed over the years.  Some things have never changed – the sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competitive spirit enjoyed by most participants.

Short clip of the 1962 APTA men’s finals (It is mislabeled on You Tube). At that time the sport was played primarily in the Northeast,  most of the players were stockbrokers on Wall Street, the courts and paddles were made of wood.

This video includes footage of a Pro-Keds event in Manhattan. In addition,  Dick Squires throws in a few instructional tips.

Dick Squires is again featured in another promotional video for plaform tennis called SMAC!

The following two links are promotional trailers for the 1976 Tribuno Platform Tennis Tour. The  prize money for the men and women were equal.

Highlights from the 1976 men’s APTA finals. This video lasts almost an hour.

The “Richie Maier Instructional Video” was the first full-length instructional video for the sport. The video was produced in 1989 by R.J. Reilly, the sport’s premier court builder at the time.

And last, but not least, there are almost the cat and mouse points that make platform tennis such a great sport to play. This single point is from one of the 2016 APTA women’s quarter finals matches. The length of the video is 2:25.

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