Sports in General

Sports is Life!

Life includes play, games, sports, and athletics.  In this section of the website the differences between the four forms of activity will be discussed.

In addition, a discussion will be held about the importance that parents and coaches have in sporting activities. Finally, several  mini-studies are also included, along with links to blogs and other resources.

angie akers v1 sports
Professional volleyball player Angie Akers high-fives junior players she is coaching in grass clinic at Vail.

In the above picture, professional volleyball player Angie Akers has provided athletes with instruction and is overseeing them as they play in a game situation.  She high fives one of her athletes for using proper technique to help her teammates win the point.

CARA coaches and players sports
Older junior players learn more about the sport when they teach it to younger junior players. The reward was finalists at the state recreation tournament.

High school tennis players have an opportunity to “learn by teaching”, as they coach a winning duo at a local tournament.

skiing at eldora sports
Skiing at Eldora for juniors requires a major financial and time commitment from parents. It is worth the smiles as they ride the lift up the hill.

Skiing is definitely a sport that involves the parents, athletes and coaches. The parents wake their daughters up at the crack of dawn, drive them to the ski area, and watch them disappear on the ski lift for their lesson.

soccer camp sports
Bringing youth together for a co-ed soccer camp.

Finally, there is nothing better than the excitement of a soccer camp eight-year olds.  At the end of the week the players leave sun-burned, tired, and with smiles on their faces.